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Holiday Decor

Flora Nova Design Seattle Winter Holiday Party

Are you ready? The Holidays are going to be here before we know it. It’s that time of year where things start slowing down a bit after a beautiful summer that disappeared way too quickly here at Flora Nova. We had so many lovely weddings we can’t wait to show you and will get back to blogging about all of them very soon! But today, let’s look at some wintery Christmas sparkle and glitter we designed in previous years!! It’s that time of year when companies big and small re contacting us to design parties, dinners, and spaces for the holidays and this post wants to provide some inspirations of various themes and styles.

Thank you, Barbie Hull Photography, for the majority of the images below!

We love the holidays and get excited about them way too early sometimes! As we’re looking through pictures of some of our favorite events, I want to remind you the Flora Nova team can help with your own home decorating, Christmas parties, office decor, or corporate events. We are looking forward to dreaming up and creating more magical winter wonderlands, black and white masquerade balls, santa lands, or anything else you can think up. Give us a theme and we’ll create a memorable event for you or your company.

Perhaps you’d like a little get away from all that glitter and christmas music? How about throwing a tropical themed party? We had so much fun creating this Tropicana party.

Are you inspired? Then give us a call or shoot us an email – we are happy to help!

But in any case, we hope all your holidays are Very Happy this year!

All About The Centerpiece – Part 2

Hello to Part 2 of our “All About The Centerpiece” blog post (see part 1 here). Sorry for the delay – we announced this post a while ago – but (sigh), it’s that time of year when finding time to do anything is difficult: wedding planning and production is in full swing. But that’s probably the best time to shed some light on cost factors of various centerpiece styles. I hope you’ll find this blog post useful when planning for your special event.

Flora Nova Design Seattle Laurel Creek Manor Wedding

Centerpieces come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Pricing varies greatly and very much depends on your vision, your style preferences, your flower choices, the table size, and even the size of the ballroom. When designing a centerpiece we take all those factors into consideration: we try to create designs that meet your expectations and style choices AND are of a harmonious size relative to the width/size of the tables and the ceiling height of the ballroom. There is nothing more ‘blah’ than a centerpiece that is too small or too overpowering in it’s surrounding.

Let’s start by addressing cost of a low centerpiece for a regular dinner-sized table. Our low centerpieces are never taller than about 12″ (that’s below eye-level) to not block the view across the table. Here are a few fun examples – all ranging between $105 and $175 – with the sweet spot at right around $125. Floral density, container type, flower choices will all affect the price:

For large rooms with a tall ceiling we LOVE to incorporate at least a few tall/elevated centerpieces: they are visually pleasing and help “bring the ceiling down”. Our tall centerpieces are naturally more expensive: they range between $200 and $550 (and can go up from there). The reason is simply that we have to use a lot more floral to cover all that extra space on the sides and underneath – taller pieces can easily take three or four times as much floral than a low centerpiece. But look at the examples below, these tall designs can add so much Wow and drama to a room:

Note: One way you can recoup some of that extra cost and make your budget stretch is to use those centerpieces during your ceremony as well. Just like in the examples below you use the arrangements along the aisle and then we transfer them to tables afterward. This way you get to enjoy them twice!

Compote designs vary a lot too with $85 being on the basic smaller end, and $250 what you could expect to pay for a bigger arrangement with more floral. Our sweet spot is around $145. Another thing that effects price is greenery: flowers are always more expensive than greens, so if you’re an all-floral and no-greens type, expect to pay a little more for that look.

Composite style is a fun way to fill the space in the middle of the table with lots of different elements. We generally recommend three smaller vases – we call them “buddy” vases – of floral and lots of candles. We price these out per table (all the elements combined) rather than each piece individually. You can expect to pay $75 to $185 per table.

Table runners, either in form of floral or greenery or a mix of the two, can be a beautiful option, especially on long, rectangle banquet tables. Floral and greenery runners can be combined with centerpieces, or buddy/bud vases for a full and luxurious look. Or for a much more affordable option we can place loose greenery across the table with just some blooms tucked in. On the low end we would recommend at least $50 for greenery/blooms. On the high end it can be upwards of $350 for an all-floral look. Or quite a bit more like in the pictures of the head table below with white phaleanopsis! Super lux!

As you can see, there are many decorative options for every budget. We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you have questions. Happy planning!

Large Corporate Party Took Guests to the Tropics

Several times a year we have the pleasure designing large corporate parties. This particular one was especially fun! We have been working with this company for several years: every year their theme is very different. And last year we transformed the Westin Hotel Ballroom in Bellevue into a tropical beach paradise. “Tropicana” was flawlessly planned and coordinated by Megan Keller of A Kurant Event and beautifully captured by Barbie Hull Photography.

From turquoise colored linens (by Choice Linens), to amazing sunset colored lighting effects by Austin Beaver (also DJ and MC of the evening), tropical features were implemented in many ways: tall palm tree centerpieces featuring orchids, fruit, and exotic foliage; buffet pieces with tall pineapple palm trees; a draped cabaña as registration table, sand filled votive candles – the whole ballroom had such a warm and inviting feel!