All About the Bouquet (Part III)

Welcome! Class is now back in session. Our topic: the ever-gorgeous and ever-popular bridal bouquet!  Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at different bouquet style and a few of the individual floral elements that can make up a bridal bouquet; today we will discuss some of the factors that go into pricing these beauties.

When pricing a bridal bouquet, we designers may ask ourselves several questions:

  • How difficult or labor intensive is it to make this bouquet? Is this a bouquet I will need to spend all afternoon making? (As a rule of thumb, rounded bouquets come together more easily than asymmetrical bouquets.)
  • Are the flowers I need for this bouquet in season and readily available? Will I need to special order these flowers from growers far, far away and need to factor in shipping costs?
  • What is the wholesale price of the flowers I am using? Are these specialty flowers (orchids, garden roses) that come with a higher price tag? Are there twenty different kinds of flowers that need to be purchased, or just two?

Flora Nova Design Seattle - Bridal Bouquet


At Flora Nova, our bouquets typically range between $200 – $350, and our sweet spot is usually around $255. Let’s take this bouquet (that you may remember from Part II) and break down the cost a bit.  This bouquet is a classic rounded design with some slight trailing elements.  It features spring flowers that were locally grown and readily available mixed together with floral standbys like white hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus, and dusty miller. Specialty flowers like voluptuous garden roses and cheery anemones are used, but only as accents and are placed alongside less costly floral ingredients.  All of these factors combine to create a final price tag of $265.


Other examples of bouquets around our “sweet spot:”


Remember this fluffy green bouquet from last week? This is a perfect example of a bridal bouquet that falls a little lower on the price continuum.  Because of the abundance of greenery and the absence of pricey specialty ingredients, this bouquet comes in at $215.




And what about the other end of the continuum?  You might remember these bouquets from last week as well.  The price for each of these bouquets is edged higher due to the complexity of design, the abundance of specialty flowers, or the sheer number of different floral elements found within the bouquet:

Well class, I hope you’ve enjoyed this course in bouquet-ology.  We’ve swooned, we’ve drooled, and we’ve learned a little something along the way.  Thanks for tagging along!

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